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 Magic Book - Mind (2/3)

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Magic Book - Mind (2/3) Empty
PostSubject: Magic Book - Mind (2/3)   Magic Book - Mind (2/3) EmptyTue Oct 18, 2011 4:03 pm

Accessory Name: Magic Book - Mind
- Dark Door Librarium (Mind)

Accessory Type: Book
Craftsman: ???
Origin Lore: Legend has it that the original Dark Door, combined with the other two have an uncontrollable power. Since copies of The Dark Door are so rare, not much is known about it. The creator was an ancient shape-shifter mage, who could change his shape on a whim. It was discovered that the trio of books he kept was the source of his magic. Beware, with all three books in your possession, it is said that you will be possessed by the creator's spirit, and a battle will ensue for control over one's body.

The legend also hints at a fourth book. When the three books are brought together, a fourth shall appear, unlocking the prison gates binding the shape-shifter mage. It is buried somewhere within Fiore's Kingdom...

Level Of Sentience: Highly Intelligent
- Temperament: This book holds the personality of its original creator. It is devious and cunning by nature. It will only obey you if you have a particularly nasty attitude. If not, you will have to manually unleash its power, which would take you a bit longer than the latter. When not doing its job, it will insult and critique its owner's looks with unbelievably harsh words, usually said in an unknown ancient language.

Accessory Description:
- Measurements: 7x2x10 [Length, Width, Height in inches]
- Material: Hardback with paper insides
Imbued Properties: This book can change its user's personality and way of thinking on a whim. For example, if you are happy go lucky, and want to be a little more perverse or devious, you may choose so by reciting the incantation in the book "Happy goes unlucky, Perverse!" The incantation rules include:
  1. The user must recite their most strongest personality trait
  2. The user then recites "goes unlucky, "
  3. with a pause, the user then recites their desired personality trait in mind.

Other Effects: N/A

Rarity: Valuable
Availability: 3
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Magic Book - Mind (2/3)
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