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 "Colors 1" Magic Book

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PostSubject: "Colors 1" Magic Book   Sun Oct 16, 2011 4:25 pm

Accessory Name: "Colors 1" Magic Book - RGB Edition

Accessory Type: Book
Craftsman: Reine Bowsley
Origin Lore: A magic said to be a watered down copy from the book: Concealment Librarium - Body. This was used to specifically target cosmetic industry.

Level Of Sentience: N/A
- Temperament: N/A

Accessory Description: The book has a blue base cover, with an elegant vanilla outlining. On the inside the pages are usually white, unless specified.
- Measurements: 7x2x10 [Length, Width, Height in inches]
- Material: Hardback with paper insides
Imbued Properties: This book allows the user to change his/her hair color at will. In order to activate, he/she has to turn to the page that the color they desire is on, and then place their whole palm over it, which will instantly change their hair color. This book only contains hair colors, and does not effect length, type, or hair style.

This effect continues until you manually change your hair color again, the magic is dismissed by another spell, or the book is destroyed.
Other Effects: N/A

Rarity: Common
Availability: 100 +
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PostSubject: Re: "Colors 1" Magic Book   Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:11 pm

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"Colors 1" Magic Book
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