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 Magic Book - Body (1/3)

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Magic Book - Body (1/3) Empty
PostSubject: Magic Book - Body (1/3)   Magic Book - Body (1/3) EmptySun Oct 16, 2011 4:57 pm

Accessory Name: Magic Book - Body
- Concealment Librarium (Body)

Accessory Type: Book
Craftsman: ???
Origin Lore: Legend has it that this book is apart of a trio of books, and the originals are said to have an uncontrollable power.

Level Of Sentience: N/A
- Temperament: N/A

Accessory Description: This book looks almost brand new, aside from a few cuts and scratches on the pages. Its a brown hard back book with light blue pages, with 50 pages of different types of humanoid figures, faces, and reasonable limb lengths. It also features a rainbow of colors within one page, which changes all of the hair on your body to the one you touch. The biggest figure size is 20 feet. Smallest figure size is 4'5.
- Measurements: 7x2x10 [Length, Width, Height in inches]
- Material: Hardback with paper insides.
Imbued Properties: This book is able to magically change your figure, hair color, and face, to an extent. The effect stays until the user wills the effect off, or is negated with another spell.
Other Effects: N/A

Rarity: High-Quality
Availability: 5
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Magic Book - Body (1/3) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Magic Book - Body (1/3)   Magic Book - Body (1/3) EmptyMon Oct 17, 2011 9:07 pm

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Magic Book - Body (1/3)
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