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 Creating A Dragon Slayer Spell

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Creating A Dragon Slayer Spell Empty
PostSubject: Creating A Dragon Slayer Spell   Creating A Dragon Slayer Spell EmptyFri Feb 17, 2012 2:24 pm

    As Fairy Tail Universe restricts player characters to being Artificial Dragon Slayers, only, their magic is detailed a bit uniquely. All Dragon Slayer spells are strengthened by a secondary effect. This means that aside from whatever force or effect is put into being by the technique itself, the user receives a buff or enhancement for using the magic. The Lacrima Implant within the Artificial Dragon Slayer mage is stimulated by the use of magic, strengthening its user as much as any magic naturally exhausts its user.

- Name: What your technique is called
- Type: What sort of Dragon Slayer magic it is -- earth, for example.

- Effect Type: either combat- offensive, combat- defensive, healing, passive/buff/debuff, area-of-effect (i.e -- poison gas, teleportation, etc etc), other (insert a fitting categorization of your own if necessary)
- Effect: What your technique does

- Secondary Effect: The user-beneficial reaction caused by use

- Range: the maximum range of said technique
- Backlash: any bad user-suffered effects for using the technique


Quote :
NOTE: Availability and Cost will be provided by a member of the moderation team.


- [b]Name[/b]:
- [b]Type[/b]:

- [b]Effect Type[/b]:
- [b]Effect[/b]:

- [b]Secondary Effect[/b]:

- [b]Range[/b]:
- [b]Backlash[/b]:

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Creating A Dragon Slayer Spell
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