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 Creating An (Other) Type Spell

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PostSubject: Creating An (Other) Type Spell   Thu Feb 23, 2012 3:53 pm

- Name:
- Type:
- Specification Type: ( For example, if your Type is LOST MAGIC, your specification type would explain what sort - such as NECROMANCY )

- Effect Type: either combat- offensive, combat- defensive, healing, passive/buff/debuff, area-of-effect (i.e -- poison gas, teleportation, etc etc), other (insert a fitting categorization of your own if necessary)
- Effect:

- Range:
- Backlash:


Quote :
NOTE: Availability and Cost will be provided by a member of the moderation team.


- [b]Name[/b]:
- [b]Type[/b]:
- [b]Specification Type[/b]:

- [b]Effect Type[/b]:
- [b]Effect[/b]:

- [b]Range[/b]:
- [b]Backlash[/b]:

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Creating An (Other) Type Spell
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