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 Grave Dancer

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PostSubject: Grave Dancer   Grave Dancer EmptyThu Feb 23, 2012 4:59 pm

- Name: Grave Dancer
- Type: Lost Magic
- Specification Type: Necromancy

- Effect Type Area of Effect - Field Type Alteration

- Effect: The call of the haunted is channeled through the user who, with upraised arms, calls into being a gate to the underworld. Clouds darken the sky and a gateway is illuminated by a flash of violet lightning, striking the ground from the heavens, as a torn seam suspended in its wake. Such a seam is pulled wide by phantom hands of murky black. From this gaping maw of hell a rolling fog spills forth to blanket the ground! The area around the user is now an unholy graveyard, imbuing it with the passive ability of re-raise. Any creature living or undead that is destroyed upon such ground will be reanimated in service to the user.

- Range: 100 meter radius in all directions from the caster
- Backlash: DARK STIGMA - Any damage inflicted upon the casters undead allies is felt in - roughly - half the severity. Wounds are matched upon the casters person. In theory, The caster themselves could be torn asunder by an assault delivered to their minions, but so long as the caster is within the area of effect of GRAVE DANCER they, themselves, would be reanimated.

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Grave Dancer
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