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 Devil's Tomb

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PostSubject: Devil's Tomb   Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:06 pm

Magic Name: Devil’s Tomb
Magic Type: Elemental
Element: Fire
Effect: With a fire-benders fist, a punch is delivered into the earth that ignites a blaze directed at the users opponent. The fire spiderwebs into a snare around the target before erupting, trapping them within walls of flame.

The walls are 14 ft high and enclosed at the top much like a cyclinder. Once the pray is secured, the outerwalls collapse in on themselves at the will of the user, creating a coffin shape, where they continue to compress around the exact shape of the targets body until they are encased in a literal tomb of fire.

Range: 60 meters

Backlash: None

(Created by newb23)
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Devil's Tomb
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