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 Firebrand Tongue

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PostSubject: Firebrand Tongue   Firebrand Tongue EmptyFri Feb 17, 2012 1:57 pm

Magic Name: Firebrand Tongue
Magic Type: Elemental
Element: Fire
Effect: A whip of fire manifests in hand to be loosed, and entangle opponents as any whip might. Contact with the whip adds severe burns to the consequence of being caught within its hold. Once the enemy is entangled, the flames of the whip roar, growing with startling intensity until the prey is completely engulfed in them.

The whip is pulled taunt and tugged back so's to launch the captive into the air, at which point a second crack of the whip sends it underground. The remaining length of the whip grasped in hand slithers free and underground, where it reemerges as a giant red serpent - 70 feet in length - bursting from the earth.

The serpent lets loose a cloud of flames from its mouth in the direction of the targeted enemy before diving into the burning haze itself to consume its prey. Once the target is swallowed, the Serpent will explode as a fiery burst, causing intense burns damage to the victim.

Range: 20 meters for the whip. 50 meters max height for the serpent.

Backlash: None

(Created by Newb23)
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Firebrand Tongue
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