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 Angel's Halo

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PostSubject: Angel's Halo   Angel's Halo EmptyFri Feb 10, 2012 11:26 pm

Magic Name: Angel’s Halo
Type: Other - Energy Manipulation
Effect: The user is able to construct vibrating rings made of pure energy around their arms. They are able to control the speed and size of the ring to a certain extent (the largest the ring is able to grow to being 3 feet in diameter and the fastest the ring is able to fly is about as fast as an arrow). These rings are capable of cutting through most substances and cause large lacerations if direct contact with one is made. The rings also are able to ensnare a person by growing large enough to wrap around them and then shrinking down to retrain their movements. The user can also choose whether the rings actually cut or if they simply do blunt damage. This makes it effective in capturing someone without actually cutting or damaging them.
Range: 20 meters
Backlash: None
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Angel's Halo
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