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 Scrap Iron Animal

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PostSubject: Scrap Iron Animal   Scrap Iron Animal EmptyFri Feb 10, 2012 11:16 pm

Magic Name: Scrap Iron Animal
Type: Other - Magnetism
Effect: Manipulating magnetic pulls the user is able to create animals out of scrap metal. Then using their magnetic manipulation they are able to control the animals allowing them to fight for the user effectively keeping the user out of harms way. Based upon the size of the animal they are making determines the amount of time and energy it requires to create. Small animals take little to no time and hardly any energy. Mid size animals take somewhat longer and a bit more energy. Large animals take the longest and require the most energy. The size also determine the strength, durability, and speed of the animal. Small animals are not much for strength or durability but make up for it with pure speed where as mid size animals offer a good balance of the three. Large animals are the strongest and most durable but slowest making them effective as shields and close range attackers but not much good against an opponent that prefers distance in battle. There is a limit to the size the animals can be made into. The largest an animal can get to is the size of an Elephant (about 10-13 feet).
Range: 50 meters
Backlash: Depending on the size of the animal the user can suffer severe mental strain and exhaustion.
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Scrap Iron Animal
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