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 Raya, just Raya [Done]

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PostSubject: Raya, just Raya [Done]   Raya, just Raya [Done] EmptyThu Feb 09, 2012 12:19 pm

Raya, just Raya [Done] Foxfaecopy

Character Reference → General

Quote: "Amnesia used to be my favorite word, but then I forgot it."

General Info:

Aptitudes & Combat Specs → Armaments


- Armor

- Weaponry:

- Accessories:

Enchanted Equipment:

Aptitudes & Talents: She is a decent fighter with her staff, and knows how to hold herself inside high halls, where nobles of the realm dwell. Is quite adept in espionage, and politics.
Unique Abilities: None.

STATS: 0/0



Arcane Reference → Magicks

Magic: Object animation.
Magic Type: Doll Magic/Ritual

Technique: 3/3

Invisible swordsman:

Puppet show:

Aramor creation:

Psychological Reference → Persona


Raya is a proud, ambitious woman. A firm believer that one can and should be able to achieve anything, if enough will and strength is applied to it. That in mind, she also believes that people who complain about their fate are just lazy, and looks down upon the weak kind of folk - the poor, defenseless and whatever. She hates any displays of weakness like that, and would yell, rebuke the person who shows that in front of her, and push him or her to stand up on their own and do shit.

And after yelling enough, she would just do what she can to help these weaklings out, if she feels like it, and depending on the task. And after doing things the RIGHT way, she would yell some more about how worthless and pathetic they are. Raya's not a bad person, per se, and things like compassion, and pity, she is not immune of. Her help, however, more often than not, has to be paid. That's another of her beliefs - that any labor must be paid for. Any favor must be repaid. So if someone makes her a favor, she makes sure to return it as soon as possible.

Her reaction to people depends on how you present yourself. You look like you know what you're doing - you're an equal. You're master of your trade - you're superior. You're a worthless beggar - she will insult you on how pathetic you are, and, depending on the hopelessness of your situation, will help you or not. her views on friends are pretty generic - friends to her are those people who she could trust enough and who could help her out with what she can't do herself. Raya considers herself a faithful friend, as long as said friendship is not being abused.

Speaking of pride, she doesn't allow anyone, and I do mean anyone, insult and belittle her in any way. Should you be callous enough to cross that line, expect yourself to be under attack, to have your ass kicked. So beware, her honor code is rather touchy about those things. And, if you somehow managed to avoid her righteous butt-kicking, Raya will hold a grudge, and will seek a way to come back at you for humiliation. A pet peeve of hers...

Raya's also very ambitious. She believes herself to be destined for something great, and would strive to achieve riches, greatness, and mastery through any means possible. She's a mercenary, a merchant, a politician, a puppet master, all in one. And will use her skills to gain more of what she desires. Raya considers her current place in society a disgrace, and is eager to rise up. By herself.

But the woman does have a ... softer, weaker side. Most of it has to do with the fact she cannot remember anything about her past. As well as periodically striking amnesia that may erase her memories. And she looks rather pitiful when asking a stranger every now and than if they ever saw her. She carries a diary with her to write down things in case she would forget, and fears greatly that it may happen again. Whoever helps her out with finding out more about herself is bound to earn her deepest gratitude.

Traits: Perfectionist, stubborn, smart, proud, capable, knowledgeable, cunning, selfish, determined.

Fears/Phobias: Amnesia.
Dirty Secrets: With the person she loves, Raya can become quite a slut.
Prejudice: Weaklings.

Family: N/A
Friends: N/A
Rivals: N/A

Goals: Power, wealth, influence, finding out who she used to be.

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Raya, just Raya [Done]
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