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 Snow Village

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PostSubject: Snow Village   Wed Feb 08, 2012 9:41 pm

Magic Name: Snow Village
Magic Type: Elemental
Element Type: Ice
Effect: The user covers a large area of ground in ice. Using the ice that now covers the ground the user is able to manipulate the battlefield to fit their needs either by making weapons from the ice for them to wield or barricades in order to protect themselves. The air around the battlefield drops to below freezing causing snow to begin to fall around the area. The user is able to manipulate this snow as well in any manner they wish such as causing a blizzard hiding them from view and allowing them to sneak up on their opponent.
Range: 30 meters around the user
Backlash: The initial moment of covering the battlefield takes some amount of concentration and if it is broken the user must restart the magic.
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Snow Village
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