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 Dragon's Tree

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PostSubject: Dragon's Tree   Dragon's Tree EmptyTue Feb 07, 2012 8:38 pm

Magic Name: Dragon’s Tree
Type: Elemental
Elemental Type: Fire
Effect: An odd fire type of magic that relies more on entrapping the opponent than burning or blasting them. While this magic still burns it does not have the same intensity as normal fire, prolonged exposure though will cause severe burns. The main effect of this magic is creating solid fire strands that are then used to entangle and immobilize an opponent. These strands are incredibly durable and strong making them difficult to escape from. They also strongly resemble the roots of trees as well as burrow into the ground rooting the enemy in place hence the name. As the strands hold onto the opponent they begin to burn the opponents skin causing intense pain as time goes on making this a excellent magic for interrogation purposes should the need arise. The fire strands can also be used for quick blunt attacks as well as makeshift shields.
Range: 20 meters
Backlash: A large amount of energy needed to use, wearing out the user quickly if used to frequently.
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Dragon's Tree
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