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 Illusory world

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PostSubject: Illusory world   Illusory world EmptyThu Nov 17, 2011 9:12 pm

Weapon Name: Illusory world
- Alice's Wonderland

Weapon Type: Wand
Craftsman: Todd
Origin Lore: Once made, Todd used it as a test drive. When used, his house and the land around it was encased in the pocket's convex area. He became disoriented from the change in perception and the lack of sleep, and eventually fell off his roof and died.

Level Of Sentience: N/A
- Temperament: N/A

Weapon Description: A wooden stick, with a purple Illusion lacrima crystal in the shape of a star.
- Measurements: 10 inches
- Material: Wood, Lacrima crystal
Imbued Properties: When cast, this wand's magic makes the victim's perception of the world twist and distort. The size in which the victim is will be highly exaggerated. Objects may be smaller or larger than they actually are, hallways will seem to go on forever, and the sky might even look closer than it really is.
Other Effects: -Convex: Once the spell is cast, anyone in a 10-30 foot radius will be encased in a Biconvex hot air pocket lens. The area inside of the pocket will look more expanded and large. Normal objects become giants, while meer cockroaches look as big as horses.

-Concave: Once the spell is cast, anyone in a 10-30 foot radius will be encased in a Biconcave hot air pocket lens. In this lens, any humans will look macro sized, much bigger than the now tiny area within. Cups, spoons, and anything that you could usually pick up with your hands are now unattainable, unless it was held before the spell was cast.

-Neverend: Once the spell is cast, anyone in a 30-50 foot line of the spell's direction will be encased in an oval shaped pocket lens. The direction in which they walk will take unusually long for them to get to the destination. Most effective in areas such as hallways.

-Due to the wand's effect, the user will also be unable to fight normally, as his/her perception will be off. This effect lasts until the victim can rest or it is dispelled. The lens could also be broken from the outside, with anything as strong as or stronger than steel.

Rarity: Artifact
Availability: 0/1
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Illusory world
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