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 The Sky Jacker

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The Sky Jacker Empty
PostSubject: The Sky Jacker   The Sky Jacker EmptyThu Nov 17, 2011 4:03 pm

Weapon Name:Sky Jacker

Weapon Type: Vehicular cannon
Craftsman: Nevrit
Origin Lore: Originally built by fire mage pirates who stole airships and their goods, they are now frequently produced for transportation.

Level Of Sentience: N/A
- Temperament: N/A

Weapon Description: The sleek design looks like the back of a stallion. Its front is flat besides the 30 inch radius cannon in the front. The fuel can be inserted in the core as a fire Lacrima crystal, or fire magic itself. A Lacrima Crystal is most effective, as it will slowly sap the energy instead of using bursts while using fire magic alone.
- Measurements: 90x40x80
- Material: Steel and leather
Imbued Properties: The fire magic that is put into the Sky Jacker can also be expelled as a fireball with the front cannon. It is triggered by a small red button on the cockpit's controller.
Other Effects: The fire magic can also be used as a burst of speed in its thrusters, burning whatever is in a 10 foot cone facing the thrusters. It is triggered by a small blue button on the cockpit's controller.

Rarity: Common
Availability: 0/30
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The Sky Jacker
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