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 Filch Soul

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PostSubject: Filch Soul   Filch Soul EmptyThu Nov 17, 2011 3:43 pm

Weapon Name: Filch Soul

Weapon Type: Hook Sword
Craftsman: Briches
Origin Lore: This blade was made by a dark guild blacksmith, Briches. Its the only one of its kind, as Briches was mysteriously killed.

Level Of Sentience: Intelligent enough to talk and argue.
- Temperament: It can be classified as a deviant. The sword will reject any light-aligned folk for a long while before he complies, and even so, will not relinquish its effects to actual the kind-hearted. If you asked what happened to its first owner, it would tell you that they both got drunk, and his owner fell down the stairs and died after they left the bar.

Weapon Description:
- Measurements: 40 inches
- Material: Steel and rubber
Imbued Properties: If cut by its blade, the Filch Soul will slowly sap the life out of the opponent, healing the user in return.
Other Effects: Summoning-When an enemy is slain by the hook sword, the soul is also taken from its body. The soul will be trapped inside of the sword until it is summoned by the user once again. He/She will retain everything they had the very second they died, and will be under the user's control until he is finished with him/her, three days have gone by, or is slain again. Once this happens, the ghost will be unable to be summoned again.

Dispells do not work on the summoned.

Life Link-As a side effect, the user is damaged every time the weapon is. If it is broken while held, the user will undergo excrusiating pain.

Rarity: Artifact
Availability: 0/1
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Filch Soul
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