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 Tyrus Blade

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PostSubject: Tyrus Blade   Tyrus Blade EmptyThu Nov 17, 2011 1:54 pm

Weapon Name:Tyrus Blade
- Sunder Sword

Weapon Type: One-handed Sword
Craftsman: Jager (Jaeg'r)
Origin Lore: In the year 700, Sunder Ore was found. Back then, there was a plethora of it. The ore literally cut through the axes that accidentally hit it, so most of the time it had to be dug out by hand. This ore had a magical property to it, it could cut through any metal other than itself. There were chunks able to create various weapons around Belladonna, but there weren't many hot spots. Most of the ore found officially was given to the legendary Jager, the smithy. He was entrusted to craft the last few sunder ore weapons, including the Tyrus Blade. When forged, He had to make the weapons with magic resistant tools, for if they were normal, they'd shatter. The Tyrus Blade is one of a set of Sunder weapons.

Level Of Sentience: N/A
- Temperament: N/A

Weapon Description: This sword is a beautiful crimson, only stained with blotches of gray near its hilt. The handle is wrapped in red velvet, and the guard is painted silver, with a blue tint.
- Measurements: 31 Inches
- Material: Sunder Ore
Imbued Properties: This sword is built to cut down your enemy's defenses, literally. The Tyrus Blade was made with the magical Sunder ore, which can cut through the finest of blades. It can even cut through shields and armor like knife to a butter.
Other Effects: After cutting into a metallic material, it will leave embers and small fires in its wake.

Rarity: Treasure
Availability: 0/2
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Tyrus Blade
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