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 Luciana Litira, the Time Controller

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Luciana Litira, the Time Controller Empty
PostSubject: Luciana Litira, the Time Controller   Luciana Litira, the Time Controller EmptyThu Oct 27, 2011 11:54 pm

Luciana Litira, the Time Controller Anime_witch33

Quote: I have all the time I need

----- General -----
Given Name: Luciana Litira
Titles & Alias: Time Princess
Faction Alignment: Good
Mage Guild: Llamia Scale
Mage Rank: D

Age: 21
Gender: Female
Orientation: Homosexual

Height: 5'3''
Weight: 128 pounds
Body Type: Average

General Appearance:
Distinguishing Features:

-----Aptitudes & Combat Specs-----
- Armaments: Nothing except her own clothes (if it can be seen as an armament)
- Weaponry:
Staff of Time:
- Accessories: None

Enchanted Equipment:
- Name: Staff of Time
- Effect: Two of the spikes, the hour and the minutes one move in accordance to how fast time is flowing for it. The faster time is flowing, the faster those spikes will move. Once they meet in the top, bottom, left and right parts of the circle, the magic activates. Once they meet in the left side of the circle, the staff gives Eliana black raven like wings that she can use to fly. Once they meet in the right side, the staff gives her the ability to thrown her own magic at a range of twenty feet, making her magic ranged instead of melee. Once they meet in the bottom side, the staff protects her or a friendly person with a magical shield that can hold against spells with medium power. Once they meet in the top side, she can throw a strong beam of magic that damages and stops time, for a short time, for whatever is hit with it.
- Acquired: Trough her mother once she finished learning her spells.

Aptitudes & Talents: None
Unique Abilities: None
Magic : Time Magic
Magic Type: Support

Technique: 3/3
Time Magic: Slow:

Time Magic: Haste:

Time Magic: Stop:



Traits: Hard-worker, shopaholic, Never late.

Fears/Phobias: Clowns and Being late.
Dirty Secrets: Was late to a date once.
Prejudice: People that are always late.

Family: Unknown
Friends: None as of yet
Rivals: None as of yet

Goals: To help as many people as she can.
History: Since a very early age, Luciana was interested in magic. Her father always gave the impression that he was a powerful wizard, but the magics that he used to impress his daughter were mere normal illusions. Her mother was a real wizard however, but refused to show her it to Luciana. She knew the horrors that magic could bring and was trying to protect her daughter from them, which sometimes would cause some tension between both parents. It was only when her father died due to illness when Luciana discovered that her mother was a wizard. She had tried to save her husband with her time magic, but unfortunately, wasn't successful. Luciana knew that she had tried however, and wished to learn more about that type of magic, but her mother still refused to teach her. One year passed and Luciana kept asking about magic, but always receiving a negative answer, however, after a brief explanation on how she wanted to use her magic and how it could protect her against the horrors it could bring, her mother was convinced and started teaching her on how to use her magic. After five years, she was fully trained, and to congratulate Luciana on this, her mother entrusted her with the family staff, the staff of time. One more year passed with lesson on staff combat and it's abilities, and once her mother was completely satisfied by her daughter's progress, she sent her to the closest guild. Lamia Scale.
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Luciana Litira, the Time Controller
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