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 Shadiic the monster

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PostSubject: Shadiic the monster   Shadiic the monster EmptyWed Oct 19, 2011 5:49 am

Shadiic the monster Kurewa_sama__s_hot_stuff___lol_by_mazjojo-d2z8b7d

Quote: They say blood is thicker than water. Well then I'll just add oil

----- General -----
Given Name: Shadiic
Titles & Alias: Batshit Monster
Faction Alignment: Dark/Evil
Mage Guild: Grimoire Hearts
Mage Rank: D Rank

Age: 21
Gender: Male
Orientation: Homosexual

Height: 182cm
Weight: 79Kg
Body Type: Toned Athletic

General Appearance:

Distinguishing Features:

-----Aptitudes & Combat Specs-----

- Weaponry:
Bladed staff:

Aptitudes & Talents: Shadiic has the ability to process information very quickly and sort through different information from different sensory inputs. He is able to analyse visual information and discern minute detail. He is able to sense the intent from people's speech and determine what they really feel and their temperment. These two areas are what Shadiic specialises in the most and assists in whether or not he should fight an opponent or escape before he gets in too deep.

Another ability of Shadiic is his flexibility. Shadiic has always enjoyed moving strangely throughout his entire life and this has caused him to bend and twist in an assortment of positions. This assists him in combat by improving his ability to dodge as he is able to slip around attacks with greater ease.

Magic : Anthropinos Thysia
Magic Type: Shadow Element. Manipulation Type.

Technique: 3/3

Sensless Slaughter:

Shadow Meld:

Forced Submission:

Traits: Spiteful supremist who believes that all humans are beneath him.

Fears/Phobias: Shadiic finds people who do nothing but good to be disgusting and wants to vomit everytime he sees them.
Dirty Secrets: Loves having sex with demons
Prejudice: Thinks women are squawking cows and men to be fat useless pigs.

Family: Dead
Friends: Demons only
Rivals: Relgion

Goals: Shadiic wants to see how far he can make it to causing the whole country to fail into chaos and anarchy. Another goal is open the gates of hell and bring forth demons into the world.

History: Shadiic grew up in a simple home in the countryside with his mother and father. They were good people who always helped others and always forced him to do the same. They wanted to teach their son to be a good person who always helped others and be someone they could be proud of. Shadiic followed in what they wanted for a period of time, believing that this is what he wanted. It couldn't be more further than the truth as it started to irritate him as he got older. He did not understand why his parents would help people who got into shit because of their own fault. Why should he have to help these idiots who would cry out and play the victim because something did not go their way? It was sheer foolishness and to help redeem these people who won't give a rat's ass about you when they get better after taking advantage of you? This made Shadiic resent humans more and more. His parents tried to help him with this and this forced Shadiic to push them away. He got sick and tired with all the people around him and he decided to do something about it.

When Shadiic was younger, he learnt magic and practiced it in the wild. Living in the countryside meant that Shadiic could go somewhere secluded and train his skills. He spent years practicising Sensless Slaughter on the animals. It took a long time to create and control the claws to do his bidding, but it got easier as he practiced. Shadiic would always make sure to hide the evidence in case anyone found them. It was quite therapeutic for him as he enjoyed watching them squirm in fear and run away from him as he approached. Over time he got the rush from the hunt and enjoyed chasing his prey and tormenting them. As he grew up and entered his late teenage years, Shadiic performed demonic rituals to summon beings from hell. He got irritated when he first started getting useless creatures that either did nothing or tried to kill them. He just slaughtered them all in cold blood. He finally got success when he summoned an intellegent demon. Shadiic was overjoyed in his success and enjoyed his first night with another person losing his virginity. Shadiic enjoyed getting fucked and used by the demon, but was saddened when it disappeared when its time was up.

When Shadiic returned to the village later that day, it seemed that town got together and was waiting for him at the edge of the village. Someone had spotted him performing the ritual and submit himself to the demon. His parents were saddened by this and pleaded with their son to allow them to help him. This infuriated Shadiic and he started to slaughter the villagers left right and centre. He enjoyed hunting them down and killing them all. The head snapping and the screaming convince Shadiic that it was better to not be a human and decided to remove his humanity by killing everyone else. That night as he sat in a pile of body strewn across the entrance of the village, Shadiic decided to modify his body so that he was not human anymore. Though he just modified his ears, he was treated like a monster in the next village and this amused him that one simple change has caused people to fear him. He decided it was enough and went on his way to destroy the village.

After that Shadiic went on his way across Fiore killing people he came across hoping that he would achieve his dream of opening a gate to the demon world and bringing more of his kind to this world.
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Shadiic the monster
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