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 Bag of holding

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PostSubject: Bag of holding   Bag of holding EmptyTue Oct 18, 2011 3:42 pm

Accessory Name: Bag of holding
- Pouch of infinite space
- it is said that to oen the pouch completely would either dispel the pocket space or destroy the world as it is sucked in.
Accessory Type: Carrying equipment
Craftsman: Original craftsman unknown but is now made by most leatherworkers that can use magic
Origin Lore: It is said that a great leatherworking mage once had multiple complaints as the people he catered to never had enough room, the solution to this was the man creating a bag that held its own pocket dimension that although unable to sustain life as there was no air to breathe it could instead be filled with items.

Level Of Sentience: none
- Temperament:

Accessory Description: A small brown leather belt pouch
- Measurements: the size of an average male fist
- Material: Leather
Imbued Properties: An extradimensional space with a 200 lb carrying capacity, can not fit larger items than its opening.
Other Effects: Cannot sustain life

Rarity: 5-4
Availability: mostly in major cities or specialized shops.
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Bag of holding
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