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 Simon Rosenkrantz

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PostSubject: Simon Rosenkrantz   Simon Rosenkrantz EmptyWed Oct 12, 2011 3:06 pm

[ Simon Rosenkrantz 5e44472db0d557941fc451c61d19d6be2e9fd438]

Quote: “How about a little game of cat and mouse?”

----- General -----
Given Name: Simon Rosenkrantz
Titles & Alias: Master, sir, Joker
Faction Alignment: Neutral
Mage Guild: Blue pegasus
Mage Rank: D

Age: 23
Gender: Male
Orientation: Pansexual

Height: 1.86 m
Weight: ca 70kg
Body Type: Athletic

General Appearance:
Distinguishing Features:

-----Aptitudes & Combat Specs-----
Inventory: his wallet, passport, a handkerchief.
- Armaments: None but his suit
- Weaponry: A pent.
- Accessories: His glasses and gloves.

Enchanted Equipment: None

Aptitudes & Talents: is an expert at tying knots, crafting rope and the like.
Unique Abilities: An uncanny sense of direction and a tremendous amount of luck
Magic : Deadly trickster
Magic Type: physical manipulation

Techniques: 3/3
Rope play:

Fade to free:

Given instructions:



Traits: Stubborn, slight narcissist

Fears/Phobias: Dirt, physical violence and pocket lint.
Dirty Secrets: Although he keeps a veritable smorgars board of subs he wouldn’t mind taking a good dom once in a while.
Prejudice: slightly racist

Family: none
Rivals: none

Goals: a harem
History: His existence ever from birth being a rather strange story he was born into a broken home, his father never around and his mother forced to bring home uncles and brothers several times a week. The rare occasions that his father was home he spent his time alone with the mother and neither of them seeming to care about the child, developing because of this a twisted view of the world he kept this throughout his growing up. His strange personality starting to show already in his early teens as he brought many both male and female friends back to his little tree house to play doctor, the teachers never sure where they had him he paid little attention in class but always managed to complete his tasks and answer questions within the limit for a reasonable answer. Moving out at the age of sixteen it was never made completely sure where he gathered his magical knowledge or just how he attained his mismatched powers one thing is however certain and that is that he will use them however and on whom-ever he pleases be they a guild leader or a normal human.

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Simon Rosenkrantz
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