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 Exceed Priestess Robes

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PostSubject: Exceed Priestess Robes   Exceed Priestess Robes EmptyTue Oct 11, 2011 3:25 pm

Armor Name:Exceed Priestess Robe
- Priestess Gown
- These robes are the traditional clothing of an Exceed Priestess.
Armor Type: Cloth Armor
Craftsman: Kairi

Origin Lore: This garment was traditionally worn by priestesses of old. They are unique in their ability to change their color and pattern at the whim of their wearer, making them quite the sought-after item for fashion enthusiasts. In their time, however, these robes were steeped in magic power from the first moment of creation. Every thread hummed, resonating with energy to amplify the wearers own magic power. In their more modern use, the robes function more as a comfortable and quite eye-pleasing outfit than a conduit of magic, but they do continue to offer a small amount of magical resistance. Though this may or may not be true, it is said that the robes gain magical properties relevant to the wearer over a long period of time.

Level Of Sentience: None
- Temperament: None

Armor Description: The robes are cut like a yukata, with a light under-wrap and the detached sleeves of a furisode. The robe is made form-fitting by the cinch of a bow-knotted obi.

- Measurements: The robes fit themselves to any users shape and stature via magic.
- Material: light Cottons and silks
Imbued Properties: Magic sizing, transformation of the robes aesthetics, a slight increase in magic resistance
Other Effects: Little flecks of magic used against the wearer are gathered in the threads, seeping the garment in magic over time.

Rarity: High Quality
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Exceed Priestess Robes Empty
PostSubject: Re: Exceed Priestess Robes   Exceed Priestess Robes EmptyWed Oct 12, 2011 1:54 pm

Edited. The item lore was expanded on, and I believe the words you were seeking are now outlined in the item description. The magic abilities of the robe were amplified -- remember, you're free to make your items interesting. Do not impose limits on your creativity! Should limits be absolutely necessary I will implement them.

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Exceed Priestess Robes
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