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PostSubject: Wakizashi-O-Shas   Wakizashi-O-Shas EmptyTue Oct 11, 2011 9:24 am

Weapon Name: Wakizashi
- Big Little (literal translation for Wakizashi)
- Referred to as the "little wind blade." for its light wight construction.
Weapon Type: Sword/ Dagger
Craftsman: Kairi
Origin Lore: The Wakizashi-O-Shas was originally a ritual type of dagger used only for looks, but the once dull ritual blade has, over time, been converted into a light and easy to hide weapon. Though not so rare, it is very effective as it is easy to hide, thus making perfect for those who normally couldn't carry a weapon, or wouldn't want to look like they are carrying a weapon. Take for example, a princess. The weapon is light and easy, thus it's perfect for a princesses self defense. The Wakizashi-O-Shas is crafted just like a normal Wakizashi but like most of Kairi's craft is given a little improvement with a lightened steel that is engraved with a spell making the steel lighter then it would normally be.

Level Of Sentience:None
- Temperament:None

Weapon Description: The Wakizashi-O-Shas looks like a cut back Katana and is engraved on the edge opposite the cutting edge. The Wakizashi-O-Shas can be any color and decorated to the user's wishes.
- Measurements:40 cm's
- Material: Lightened steel, Maple Wood
Imbued Properties: Lightened
Other Effects: Razor sharp

Rarity:High Quality
Availability: 7
Cost: ?
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