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  Omnissiah Light Steel Shoulder plate.

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 Omnissiah Light Steel Shoulder plate.  Empty
PostSubject: Omnissiah Light Steel Shoulder plate.     Omnissiah Light Steel Shoulder plate.  EmptyTue Oct 11, 2011 1:13 am

Armor Name: Omnissiah Light Steel Shoulder plate
- a Simple Armor Used Normally by the followers of Omnissiah.
Armor Type: Upper Body (Shoulders)
Craftsman: Kairi
Origin Lore: Omnissiah Light Steel Shoulder plates are made like any other plate of armor, except they are inscribed with rites to Omnissiah. This spell makes the steel weigh half as much, allowing smaller Exceed to use it.

Level Of Sentience: None at all
- Temperament: None at all

Armor Description: Three over-laying plats of carved steel that can be any color, that drape them selves down the shoulders of the user.
- Measurements:the Plates are always fitted to the user as they are easy to make and come in all sizes.
- Material: Lightened steel
Imbued Properties: as explained above the Steel is normal steel until inscribed with a rite (spell) which cause them to wight in about half the wight of normal steel.
Other Effects: they are quite basic and have no other effect.

Rarity: Common
Availability: 15
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Omnissiah Light Steel Shoulder plate.
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