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 Enchanted Ears of Nyan

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PostSubject: Enchanted Ears of Nyan   Mon Oct 10, 2011 9:26 pm

Accessory Name: Enchanted Ears of Nyan
- Also called- Cat Ears
- No Neko's wear harmed in making these adorable ears. <3
Accessory Type: Headgear
Craftsman: Kairi
Origin Lore: Given to Neko's by right of birth, and given to friends of Kairi for a price. The Item itself is hand crafted fake ears (unless your a cat) that are blessed by Nyan and Omnissiah. The blessing of the ears takes days on end of ritual. The ritual for blessing the ears is a secret that few know, and is guarded very carefully. The Ears only work if properly blessed by Priest of both Nyan and Omnissiah. The actual blessing from Nyan And Omnissiah has nothing do with the reason they work, the ritual in which the ears are made includes magic which enchants them that the superstitious makers believe is the work of there deities.

Level Of Sentience: N/A
- Temperament: N/A

Accessory Description: A cute pair of cat ears!
- Measurements: Always perfectly fitted to the users head. (one size fits all)
- Material: Yarn, and a small metal core of 1 gram in weight. (only Flesh if a cat)
Imbued Properties: Gives the user a significant increase to the capabilities of their normal hearing. the hearing addition allows user to hear a mouse sniffle from about 50 feet. a
Other Effects: (If Not Neko) User may once a day turn into any type of cat big or small for 15 minutes. (If Neko) The User can once per day call upon the blessing of Nyan to make them have super sensitive hearing which allows them to hear a mouse sniffle at about 200 feet for 10 minutes.

Rarity: High-Quality
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Enchanted Ears of Nyan
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