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 Tyrant: 2-handed, magically enhanced broad sword

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Tyrant: 2-handed, magically enhanced broad sword Empty
PostSubject: Tyrant: 2-handed, magically enhanced broad sword   Tyrant: 2-handed, magically enhanced broad sword EmptySun Aug 28, 2011 11:21 pm

Weapon Name: Tyrant
- 'The Hunger of the Deep'
- 'Warlord's Calling'

Weapon Type: 2-handed broad sword
Craftsman: Unknown

Origin Lore: It is said that when the sun first set the angels and devils did battle in the darkness. The blades of the seraphim shone with the radiance of stars, and the holy kin brandished them like torches of righteous fury. The shadows were repelled in the cast of such splendor! And yet, the prince of all things dark and damned was unmoved. With his talons he tore asunder the vast earth itself to reach - bare fisted and unafraid! - into the hell fires unfurled. From the deep he drew the forked-tongue of the worlds evil, by its hilt. With a voice of rasping flame it sounded, shrill and haunting, a battle-cry for those tempted wayward. The sword of fury. The sword with hunger unending - The Tyrant Blade.

Level Of Sentience: Sentient, can emit suggestion to all creatures of intelligence, but is only capable of truly communicating through the telepathic link forged by a blood-bound wielder.
- Temperament: The Tyrant has an overwhelming thirst for despair that is capable of ruling a weak-willed person. If one is not aware of the blade's nature it is possible to be possessed by its hunger for death-dealing like a physical need.

Weapon Description: A Crimson-tinged blade with gems inlaid into the working.
- Measurements: 22 inch blade, 8 inch grip, 5inch guard.
- Material: Unknown.

Imbued Properties: The souls of those vanquished by the Tyrants edge are forbidden the afterlife. The malice of the blade holds them imprisoned within the dark gem on its hilt. A secondary gem of a ruby hue is imbedded on the pommel. When the Tyrant is without a keeper this second gem is of white crystalline -- it is the owner of the Tyrant who must color the thirsty stone with their own blood, else the blade will reject the wielder.

Other Effects: Once the blade is bound to a wielder no one else may grasp it. Should someone try - without first slaying the Tyrant's owner - Their flesh would be seared with such an intensity that contact beyond a few moments would melt skin from bone.

Rarity: Artifact (One of a Kind)
Availability: 0/1
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Tyrant: 2-handed, magically enhanced broad sword
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