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Ryo Hasaki Gintoki5si
Ryo Hasaki BackgroundStuff

Quote: " Buzz Kill "

----- General -----
Given Name: Ryo Hasaki
Titles & Alias: The Humanoid Natural Disaster,"The Wildfire":Given to him by the people of Fiore for his destructive nature and habit of burning down atleast one building in every down he has stepped foot in.
Faction Alignment: Tartaros
Mage Rank: D

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Orientation: Hetrosexual

Height: 6"2
Weight: 160
Body Type: B

General Appearance: A Tall man with tan skin and a sleek muscular build, his spikey bright red hair seems to blend perfectly with a dark red eyes, with small pupils. He often wears a black wide V-neck collared shirt with a red trim under a white yukata with blue swirl designs on edge of the bottom and the edge of the sleeves. He wears black jeans that tuck into a pair of black combat boots. Fasioning the yukata around him is a dark burgendy sash right above a black thin leather belt with a silver buckle. He also has a silver key orniment around his neck that he often rubs between his index and middle finger and thumb when he is thinking deeply about something important.
Scars, Tattoos, & Distinguishing Features:
A single large scar running from his right should down his left side of his chest to his hip. His back is riddled with dozens of scars from his days as a slave. He also has a small round scar on his left shoulder from a gun shot wound. Tartaros imprint on the back of his neck at the base of his neck.

Aptitudes & Combat Specs → Armaments

- Armor:None
- Weaponry:
-2x Steel Katana
- 28.7 inchs from tip to hilt with a width of one inch
" A curved, slender, single edged blade, with a circular metal guard, and long grip to accommodate two hands. forged using the honsanmai method it is no where near a master peice as it is a common bulk sold blade, often used my those trained to be skilled swordsman who choose speed over power. "

- Accessories: None

Enchanted Equipment:
- Effect:
- Acquired:

Aptitudes & Talents: Ryo is a vetern warrior when it comes to skill and knowledge, he is not skilled in many other things then combat, but combat and war is one thing he was able to gain from being a slave.

-Expert Swordsmanship skills
-War Tactics
-Vast Combat Knowledge
-Wilderness Survival

Unique Abilities:High Alchohal Tolerance

STATS: 0/0



Arcane Reference → Magicks

Magic :Creation Bane
Magic Type: Fire Manipulation

Technique: 0/3

Flame Body:

Blast Zone:

Wyvern Twister:

Psychological Reference → Persona

Ryo is pretty laid back for the most part,beside his horrific past that he rarely speaks off, he is pretty open and friendly person. He is a person who only want to relax and have fun. At times Ryo will act a tad perverted, but most the time he will act clueless and goofy. Ryo enjoys the little things and lives life as it comes, as he thinks being serious all the time isn't enjoying life to its fullest. Ryo is deep down a really caring guy who cares deeply about all that he befriends despite he considers people friends quickly.

Thou Ryo enjoys most simple things, but most of all that he enjoys, highly alcoholic drinks and anything free. Free is Ryo's favorite word in the world, if some thing is free Ryo will happily take it no matter what it is. Its not that he is a cheap skate or anything its more or less he isn't one for high end expensive luxury items and such. The only items Ryo ever seems to pay allot of jewels on is swords and gifts for his guild, he see's that swords as his trade thus are worth the money, and his friends are worth the world. There is one thing however Ryo likes more even more then a deal at the local tavern for a free sword with every 40 ales you drink. That would be his friends and guild. He would give his life for his friends, with out hesitating. To Ryo his friends are the most important thing to cherish in life.

Ryo hates however serious people, he finds them rather bothersome and thinks they just drag everyone down. He finds them to often unable to truly have fun or know whats really important and thus arnt worth his time to befriend. What he hates more so however is slavery, anyone who enslaves another person will only find them selves with one angry swordsmen to deal with. To take away another freedom, to take away another person chance to live there life as they see feet and keep them alive, is the cruelest thing you can do in Ryo's eyes.

A few other things thats grinds this swordsman gears are: Cocky people, they just get on Ryo's nerves because he doesn't think anyone no matter how strong they are, can truly be amazing all the time, everyone has downfalls. Sterotpying or Sterotypical dark mages: few things get under Ryo's skin more then people who type cast dark mages as people who are so senseless,heartless or violent that for a laugh they bust into your house for no reason at all kill all of your faimly and goldfish, it just makes no sense! And those few mages that DO act those sterotypes out or take advantage of it and use it for personal gain just derserve to be pummeled into a lumb of flesh, atleast thats what Ryo thinks. Guns: Ryo absolutly HATES guns, they are loud,smell of gun powder and just about even the average joe can use them to kill someone, its bothers Ryo with all the above reasons why people just dont use a swords its by for more personal and quite.

Ryo isnt the brightest when it comes to magic but he still tries his best, tho he has short comings when it come to studying thus his over all power in magic profiency will always be low. Another of Ryo's trademark faults would be that he has no sense of direction, the slightest bit of directions seems to be lost on this man as he quickly and easily gets lost in the most simple paths.

In a fight he becomes rather serious, anyone who has any fighting will or a weapon is a combatant and thus will get no mercy. Ryo has no problem with killing or destroying things so long as there is a good reason: Money, a Mission, you are in his way during some thing important, you made him angry. All of these are reasons for Ryo to slaughter or destroy everything in his path. He isnt the greatest mage,but with out doubt he is a brilliant swordsmen, with a great passion for his art. Ryo however is a tad narrow sighted, he only see's the now and soon to be and never the big picture thus getting himself in crazy situations some times, overall how he got his nickname that doesn't bother him one bit. He is with out a doubt a humanoid natural disaster,but he is no fiend with out feelings or care.

Traits: Moronic, stupid, determined, goofy, absent minded, battle crazed, drunkard and eccentric

Fears/Phobias: Beomcing a slave again, Having no friends, Not being able to live life to the fullest for Akio and himself, Losing someone he cares about infront of him again.
Dirty Secrets: Ryo is a escaped slave
Prejudice: Slavers,guns, egotistcal people, and people who stero type dark mages.

Family: All died

Goals: Become the top dog of Tartaros and Destroy the dark guild that enslaved him before.


Ryo was born to a blacksmith family with a fair amount of prestige in a decent sized town in Belladonna. Even at a young age Ryo had a knack for swordsmanship. He trained hard along his father to become a blacksmith like him and pick up the family trade, at just the age 10 he was known for his keen blades, and even keener skill with them,as it turned out there was a small group of bandits that where assaulting the local hills outside of the town, stopping all the small traders, unable to afford any sort of request for a guild to take care of the bandits, they grew bold and entered the town and tried to force the town's mayor to let them take over the town during a town meeting.

Ryo tho still a young boy, drew his short blade and cursed out the bandits with all sort of profanity and insults. the bandits angered by this meant to make a example of the boy only to quickly be disarmed by the small boy with some quick moves. With just one of the bandits in shock of this the other villagers rose up quickly and ran the bandits out of town. This was the only time Ryo would be able to feel appreciated for his efforts however.

A merchant from one town over began to visit the town with the bandits now gone. He sold books and knick knacks and the sort,however what he sold was not what caught this young boys eye. It was the merchants daughter Akio. She was a bit older then Ryo but he made quick friends with her and for the next few years to come the two would be the best of friends. Akio was a celestial wizard who was already on her way to become a great mage. She began to teach Ryo simply tricks and basic magical knowledge though Ryo seemed to have no knack for magic at all often failing even simple tricks. Though Akio was blown away by Ryo's growing skill in his swordsmen ship. He hadn't stopped training for a single day.

Everything seemed to be going great as the two fell in love after a few months However this would be one of the biggest times of change in Ryo's life. As after all this time, the bandits would return this time in greater numbers, unlike last time however they didn't want the town, they wanted the towns people. The tried to fight back but were quickly over come and enslaved. They were taken all over Fiore being sold and worked till they couldnt stand. Ryo was now 17 years old and still a slave with no hope of being freed. He was sold to a small dark guild to mine a magical stone from a cave deep in some jungle. Ryo had honed his skills every night when he wasnt working in these caves, keeping his swordsmen ship still alive as much as possibly trying to keep hope that he would be freed one day.

That day came but at the same time Ryo wishes he never had. Akio had spent all these years looking for Ryo, the man she loved, searching left and right spending every jewel she got to get information on his whereabouts. Finally getting a good lead, she gathered a few mages and charged through the jungle to the dark guilds encampment. As they fought Akio made her way into the caves freeing everyone she came by eventually getting to Ryo, just as then where able to embrace each other for the first time in years, their moment was ruin was the master of the guild had made his retreat into the caves finding Ryo and Akio alone. This man was Zealous, a fire mage,and head of Dragon Fang.

Akio would engage Zealous, however she was no match for him and in a spinning dervish of flames she would fall to the ground burnt to a crisp before Ryo's eyes. In rage Ryo would grab a mining pick and attack Zealous only to be greeted with a fireball. Sent against the wall and thought to be dead, however as Zealous, would begin to make his departure claiming victory as he began to rant how his magic was greater then any other. A pick would find its way into his skull. Ryo stood victories over the mages body, he was hurt greatly but not down and out, the years or forced labor had made him strong and determined. Slowly he would make his way to his lovers charred corpse and grieve over it. Peace was not given to him however as he was not left unattended for long as another Dragon Fang mage made his way into the cave seeming to have defeated the other mages, and had come to fetch his master, he would only find his masters corpse and a man crying over a charred body.

With out warning the mage would charge at Ryo with a blade and strike him down, cutting him from his shoulder to hip. Ryo would fall to the ground unable to take anymore abuse of pain, and would fall lifeless to the ground bleeding out. Thought to be dead, the mage would quickly flee the scene through the cave, soon claiming the title as the new guild master.

A few days later Ryo would emerge from the jungle, he had patched himself up as best he could, and given a burial for his beloved. Wearing one of her keys around his neck, he would never let himself forget this tradgety. There was hope however, while searching the cave, Ryo searched the body of Zealous, and found he was not bluffing bout wielding a great magic. He had found a very rare tome on fire magic. Ryo would begin to study this and use this magic to fuel his revenge, and fulfill what Akio would not. He would bring down Dragon Fang and become a great mage in Akio's stead.

This then Ryo has traveled the land searching for the guild and destroying any of there mages he could find. He has continued his swordsmen ship in his travels seeing its great effect against mages, quickly becoming a mage killer of sorts. Learning how to combat all sorts of magic and the likes. However due to Ryo's nature and his magic he was given a nickname by the Fiore citizens "The Wildfire" as Ryo seemed to appear with out warning and only leave a burning mess in his wake as trouble always seemed to find him, and he would leave it in ruins.

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Ryo Hasaki
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