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 Phantasm: Phaelynn

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PostSubject: Phantasm: Phaelynn   Thu Aug 25, 2011 6:40 pm

Summon Name: Phaelynn
- Lady Blade
Summon Type: Elemental, Wind
Summon Class: Phantasm ( Card Summon )

Summon History:

Personal Relations:

Personality & Temperament: Phaelynn is a loyal companion if a little outspoken. She believes her way is best, and will do anything in her power - regardless of extreme - to protect a worthy summoner. Her mother-hen complex extends to both men and women. She seems to be sexually disinterested, and is quite professional in her general behavior. When antagonized she is not one to respond with heated carelessness, and differs to her summoner before taking offense.

Special Equipment:

Tech 3/3

Blade Storm:


Aura Shot:

Availability: 3/3
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Phantasm: Phaelynn
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