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 Guardian: Lenneth

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PostSubject: Guardian: Lenneth   Thu Aug 25, 2011 6:40 pm

Summon Name: The Valkyrie; Lenneth
Summon Type: Heavenly Host
Summon Class: Guardian ( Key Summon )

Summon History:

Personal Relations:

Personality & Temperament: Lenneth is a quiet soul. Often her silence is mistaken for the absence of thought, but this is not so. Lenneth considers herself a soldier in the command of her contractor. She is loyal to her summoner without hesitance or condition, for good or ill. As a being of the old world, a valkyrja - "Chooser of the slain" - Lenneth remains unchanged by the passage of time. The virtues which guided her kind in working the will of the norse father god, Odin, remain ablaze in her breast; Honor, Courage, Perseverance.

Special Equipment:

Tech 3/3


Eindride's Ride:


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Guardian: Lenneth
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