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 Kylar Stern

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Character Reference → General


General Info:

Aptitudes & Combat Specs → Armaments


- Armor

- Weaponry:

- Accessories:

Enchanted Equipment:

Aptitudes & Talents:
Talent Description
Stylish Gunman Not quite the best, but definitely not the worst. Kylar is an adept with a gun. He typically wields his gun in a normal grip, but he still is proficient in using the gun in other grips as well.
Accomplished Acrobat Capable of preforming sickening twists, jumps and turns Kylar is an extremely skilled acrobat. He trained throughout much of his younger years until he was able to achieve many feats of daring: lifting his full weight by his finger tips, performing full flips from a standing position, launching himself up a wall or even squeezing himself into narrow spaces. Kylar has trained for a long time to get his body in the shape that its in and he is quite proud of himself.
Phenomenal Pugilist Kylar, utilizing his speed rather then his strength, as well as using his mind as well as his brawn, fights quickly and to the point. In conjunction with his sword, he utilizes his arms and legs in combat as well, unleashing a dizzying array of punches, kicks, slashes, stabs and many other techniques in his fighting.

Unique Abilities: N/A

STATS: 0/0



Arcane Reference → Magicks

Magic: Alastair’s Apprentice
Magic Type: Lost Demonic Magic

Technique: 3/3

Chains of Azazel:

Blades of Michael:

Bandages of Zachariah:

Psychological Reference → Persona

Kylar has a very defined personality, even at his young age he has a maturity that not a lot of children his age often possess. Arrogant, but a refined kind of arrogance that doesn’t mean he’ll look passed asking for help if he needs it or if he feels overwhelmed. Witty, Kylar makes sarcastic comments all the time, these comments stem from his arrogance, he will often taunt or belittle someone in hopes to unhinge them for his gain or his own amusement.

Eccentric, Kylar has certain odd quirks about him; despite having never killed someone he can perfectly describe the parting of flesh as a blade enters someones ribs, he has a woman’s screams ravaging his subconscious at all times, he doesn’t hesitate to talk about whats on his mind, even if it completely against the situation. Volatile, he could be calm one minute and then suddenly without warning he could go into a psychotic episode; Kylar has to deal with constant visions of terrifying images, whether some sort of demon or even a random monster, Kylar has learned to accept with and deal with these images, but every once and a while he’ll become overwhelmed with fear and lash out at the images as if they were flesh and blood.

Angry, Kylar has a constant reminder - the scar on his eye - of his fathers brutal beatings. Kylar grew up with a violent father, but one he loved nonetheless and when the man took his own life, and subsequently tried to take Kylar’s life as well as his mother’s, Kylar was left with an empty place in his heart, one that he filled with anger and wrathful thoughts. Covetous, Kylar wishes to possess that which he doesn’t; power, fame, wealth, knowledge, respect and above all he wishes to be depended upon. Kylar looks to the older, stronger mages with an envious rage; they have everything he wants, but he feels as if only he knows how to properly use it. Kylar is a complicated mess of things, but there is hope for him yet.

Traits: Angry, Covetous, Volatile, Eccentric, Arrogant, Witty

Fears/Phobias: Losing himself to his inner demon
Dirty Secrets:
Prejudice: All who are weaker than him

Family: His father brutally slaughtered his mother and attempted to kill him. He lived with his aunt for a while, but he left as soon as he could.
Friends: None, he’s more of a loner
Rivals: None, he doesn’t view anyone as an equal

Goals: Cure himself of the inner demon, become the strongest mage he can

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Kylar Stern
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