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 Kylar Stern

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Character Reference → General


General Info:

Aptitudes & Combat Specs → Armaments


- Armor

- Weaponry:

- Accessories:

Enchanted Equipment:

Aptitudes & Talents:
Talent Description
Stylish Gunman Not quite the best, but definitely not the worst. Kylar is an adept with a gun. He typically wields his gun in a normal grip, but he still is proficient in using the gun in other grips as well.
Accomplished Acrobat Capable of preforming sickening twists, jumps and turns Kylar is an extremely skilled acrobat. He trained throughout much of his younger years until he was able to achieve many feats of daring: lifting his full weight by his finger tips, performing full flips from a standing position, launching himself up a wall or even squeezing himself into narrow spaces. Kylar has trained for a long time to get his body in the shape that its in and he is quite proud of himself.
Phenomenal Pugilist Kylar, utilizing his speed rather then his strength, as well as using his mind as well as his brawn, fights quickly and to the point. In conjunction with his sword, he utilizes his arms and legs in combat as well, unleashing a dizzying array of punches, kicks, slashes, stabs and many other techniques in his fighting.

Unique Abilities: N/A

STATS: 0/0



Arcane Reference → Magicks

Magic: Alastair’s Apprentice
Magic Type: [s]Lost[/s] Demonic Magic

Technique: 3/3

Chains of Azazel:

Blades of Michael:

Bandages of Zachariah:

Psychological Reference → Persona

Kylar has a very defined personality, even at his young age he has a maturity that not a lot of children his age often possess. Arrogant, but a refined kind of arrogance that doesn’t mean he’ll look passed asking for help if he needs it or if he feels overwhelmed. Witty, Kylar makes sarcastic comments all the time, these comments stem from his arrogance, he will often taunt or belittle someone in hopes to unhinge them for his gain or his own amusement.

Eccentric, Kylar has certain odd quirks about him; despite having never killed someone he can perfectly describe the parting of flesh as a blade enters someones ribs, he has a woman’s screams ravaging his subconscious at all times, he doesn’t hesitate to talk about whats on his mind, even if it completely against the situation. Volatile, he could be calm one minute and then suddenly without warning he could go into a psychotic episode; Kylar has to deal with constant visions of terrifying images, whether some sort of demon or even a random monster, Kylar has learned to accept with and deal with these images, but every once and a while he’ll become overwhelmed with fear and lash out at the images as if they were flesh and blood.

Angry, Kylar has a constant reminder - the scar on his eye - of his fathers brutal beatings. Kylar grew up with a violent father, but one he loved nonetheless and when the man took his own life, and subsequently tried to take Kylar’s life as well as his mother’s, Kylar was left with an empty place in his heart, one that he filled with anger and wrathful thoughts. Covetous, Kylar wishes to possess that which he doesn’t; power, fame, wealth, knowledge, respect and above all he wishes to be depended upon. Kylar looks to the elders of his village with an envious rage; they have everything he wants, but he feels as if only he knows how to properly use it. Kylar is a complicated mess of things, but there is hope for him yet.

Traits: Angry, Covetous, Volatile, Eccentric, Arrogant, Witty

Fears/Phobias: Losing himself to his inner demon, spiders, getting hurt
Dirty Secrets:
Inner demon, Ralyk, who just wants to come out and play.
Prejudice: All who are weaker than him

Family: His father brutally slaughtered his mother and attempted to kill him
Friends: None, he’s more of a loner
Rivals: None, he doesn’t view anyone as an equal

Goals: Kylar: Cure himself of the inner demon. Ralyk: Bring about the end of times.

Born to a poor family, Kylar has had a hard time with life from day one. His birth, went like any other, it was… normal to say the least. However, the circumstances of his birth, were definitely unnatural at best. A violent angry father and a loving accepting mother, any normal person would wonder how such an angel could stay with a man such as this, but few ever openly question her resolve however. He inherited most of his personality from his father, both of them wanting to achieve what ancestors never could: marking the Stern name in history. His looks however are almost all derived from his mother; her amber eyes, her sleek black hair and her lean physique are all he has to remember her by. He wants nothing more then to do well by her, but at the same time he also wants to do well by his father. Kylar grew up to become a wonderful boy; by the time he was 10, his talents really started to show: his talents for range, his aptitude for quick subtle movements, and his destructive nature.

He stole a gun from his parents room, merely walking out and wandering around for a bit, not a wholly remarkable thing, but what was remarkable was what he did with the gun. Kylar was happy, filled with an almost demonic glee, he had just taken something that didn’t belong to him and he knew it, and he was determined to make his new play thing have a lasting impact. He knew from experience that things shaped like a kunai could harm or even kill someone, but he didn’t want to experiment on a person. Kylar quickly found a cat, a ragged and sickly looking cat, and he swiftly ended the cats life, a simple bullet to the throat. The cat simply twitched and fell over, bleeding all over Kylar and the surrounding area. The blood made him woozy and he fainted; he woke up to find his parents and a medic ushering him awake. He was questioned about why he woke up covered in blood, he answered truthfully and they started a small investigation to prove that he wasn’t lying to hide something.

They soon proved that he actually did preform those actions and instead of being punished, he should be rewarded with a certain set of magic; his father had never been more proud and his mother felt the exact same way. His training proved several things about him; he excelled at the ranged training, yet he failed at close range combat. He never got discouraged even once because he knew that hard work meant more then just raw skill. He knew that he could be a gifred mage, he’d just have to work for it, he wanted to make himself stronger and make his name famous amongst the Fiorian people. He quickly left the training, he didn’t feel that it was teaching him all he could learn, and his family couldn’t have been more devastated.

His family gave him a small going away party, nothing too big just some friends and family, more to make it seem like they were proud of their sons decision instead of horribly offended. Even though his son had just left and things weren’t to bad in his life, Kylar’s father had grown distant and cold the week leading up to his graduation. His father had become angry, so angry over the fact that his son had preformed better then he could hope to, but when his own son announced he was leaving… that night he drank a lot… a lot… and he an idea entered his brain, he should slaughter his entire family. He beat his wife, mercilessly pounding her flesh, killing her with his bare hands and still having enough energy to move onto Kylar. Kylar was asleep, his body and mind worn out from the days events, and didn’t react when his father entered his room; he didn’t even hear him as he savagely beat his mother. Kylar’s father had grabbed a knife, his chest was drenched in sweat and blood, his face and hair were similarly cloaked in the same foul liquid. Kylar shifted in his sleep from the stench of his father and he slowly stirred, stirred enough to accidentally dodge the blow that was coming from his father.

His father, in his drunken stupor, had cut Kylar’s eye, nearly blinding the poor child. He haphazardly tried to slice and stab his son, but luckily… for Kylar that is… one of his neighbors had heard the screams and had come over to help. They attempted to restrain the father, but they were hit with a stray punch and knocked unconscious. Kylar only saw flashes of his father, but the flashes he did see weren’t pretty; a sanguine haze to the night, blood filling his nostrils, gore covering his father, pain and darkness. Kylar shouted in a foreign language, and magically chains bound his father. As they tore into his father’s flesh, an eagerness overwhelmed Kylar. He mentally tugged on the chains, pulling them apart ever so slightly and a huge grin appeared on his face. Kylar kept pulling and pulling, until finally his father quite literally snapped. Kylar was coated in blood and was happier then he had ever felt. Kylar fainted, part of his mind had awakened and his body went into shock because of it. Kylar was forever scarred by the event, both physically and mentally, he didn’t realize what he could do… or even how he had done it. Kylar moved away for a bit, living with his aunt in a small shack in the woods, Kylar stayed in exile while he got used to being alone, while he was still raw from the tragic loss of his parents. Kylar was quite used to being alone by the time he came back, his view on the world twisted, but his strength in his magic had grown. He is determined to make his family proud and he was going to set his name in history for all generations to remember.
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Kylar Stern
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