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 Binary Star

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Weapon Name: Binary Star

Weapon Type: Meteor Hammer
Craftsman: Torreil

Origin Lore: “Twas believed when Torreil was first commissioned to fashion this weapon, the mysterious patron requested the meteor hammer to be made from the stuff of the stars. Using ores extracted from a meteor stone that fell from the heavens, believed to be the remnant of a dead star, the weapons master imbued his creation with the radiance of the Heavens. The chain weapon was one favoured by warriors of the Pergrande Kingdom, bringing many to speculate the origin of the one commissioning its making to be none other than the First Prince Regent of Pergrande himself.” ~ from A Compendium of Torreil's Works, Vol. IV

Level of Sentience: N/A
- Temperament: N/A

Weapon Description: The Binary Star is a double-headed meteor hammer consisting of two silvery spherical weights connected by a metallic chain. The two spheres are highly decorated with stylised etchings of astral rays radiating from the polar ends of the spheres. The two heads could be used separately, the one in the front hand used offensively while the other to defend, parrying attacks or ensnaring an opponent's weapon to disarm them. When used by a skilled fighter, its speed, accuracy and unpredictability make this a difficult weapon to defend against.
- Measurement: Chain Length- 2m | Hammer Diameter- 6 inch
- Material: Ore extracted from the remnant of a shooting star

Imbued Properties: The Binary star, as its name suggests, is imbued with Light (astral) Magic. When swung, the hammer ends become aglow with a white brilliance and turn into twin light spheres that resemble twin stars. A bright blinding light emits to blind the enemy when the hammers are twirled before the wielder. When slammed on any surface, the spheres produce concussive light force that doubles the hammers' power.

Other Effects: The Binary Star can disperse basic Dark Magic spells such as a cloak of darkness of magical origin and/or simple Dark Magic bolts.

Rarity: Treasure
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Binary Star
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