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 Aeos, the dream wonderer

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Aeos, the dream wonderer Empty
PostSubject: Aeos, the dream wonderer   Aeos, the dream wonderer EmptyWed Feb 29, 2012 2:33 pm

Aeos, the dream wonderer Eos___a_fantasy_animal__by_Eliks
Aeos - Dream Wonderer

Species Information:

Physical Description:

Average Intelligence Level: **= capable of understanding human speech.
Method of Communication: "kyuu kyuu kyuu"
Average Temperament: They are not aggressive unless their owner is in danger. They are a normally shy but playful race.

Combat Orientation: Support/Deffense
Magic Name: Wonder Dream
Magic Type: Heal/buff

Dream wish:
Dream Control:
Magic Sense:

Species Special Abilities
- Keeps nightmares away from their owner and those that the Aeos deems trustworthy.
- Capable of flight.
- Can listen to someone's heart and discover their true intentions.
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Aeos, the dream wonderer
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