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 Lucifer's Fist

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PostSubject: Lucifer's Fist   Lucifer's Fist EmptySun Feb 26, 2012 5:07 pm

- Name: Lucifer’s Fist
- Type: Elemental
- Specification Type: Earth/Fire

- Effect Type: Attack or Defense
- Effect: The user creates up to two arms made of molten rock that emerges from the ground. These arms are capable of reforming and their hand can form from anywhere, or even multiple hands can appear. The arms can be used for defense or attack as the user can have them block an incoming projectile or ‘punch’ an opponent away. They are intensely hot and the heatwill burn objects without fire resistance.. It can stretch to be 50 meters long, and is 5 meters across at the elbow. The hand has complete range of motion, more even because it can form out of anywhere on the arm and each of the fingers are 5 meters long and 1 meter wide. Due to the intense heat and the general ‘clunkiness’ of technique the character should not generate the arms next to it.

- Range: 50 meters maximum. Suggested minimum is 15 meters
- Backlash: The user is just as susceptible to the heat and the forces the arm applies. Additionally whatever damage the molten arm takes the user’s own arm takes as well.
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Lucifer's Fist
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