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 Harlot's Vigil

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PostSubject: Harlot's Vigil   Harlot's Vigil EmptyFri Feb 24, 2012 2:56 am

Weapon Name: Harlot's Vigil

Weapon Type: Great Sword
Craftsman: Unknown.

Origin Lore: "Alas! For a torment most woeful was to befall Sir Michael, the Grail Knight of Fiore. A demoness in the service of Zeref, an evil harlot most treacherous and lustful, had fallen in love with the handsome knight. Taking the form of a fair maiden, she tricked Sir Michael into rescuing her from a false distress of her own making. Seducing him thereafter, her duplicitous beauty and charm eventually captured his truest affection. Fearful for the waning of his love, the demoness sought to secure his undying devotion and presented him with a Great Sword. Using dark daemonic magic most foul, she interfered with the weapon and cursed it with a spell that would lead to the deaths of many innocents. Finding himself overtaken with murderous rage each time his love-addled mind thought their love was threatened, the once valiant Grail Knight sought and killed many who dared come between him and his one true love." ~ an excerpt from Cursed Knights And Other Tales

Level of Sentience: Sentient. Emits suspicions and insecurities into its owner, making him/her wanting to kill all he/she perceives to interfere with his/her love life. Legend has it that only the death of the wielder's true love by the Great Sword will cleanse it of its cursed hold.
- Temperament: The Harlot's Vigil has an overpowering thirst for vengeful murder that is capable of ruling a weak-willed person. One who is unaware of the blade's curse is overcome by mistrust and anger, seeking to kill those he/she fears will jeopardise the stability of their love relationship. Only those with no love in their hearts are capable of wielding its power.

Weapon Description: A steel sword which still shines with lustre not lost to time, it has thin veins of verdigris patina running across the entire length of its blade like a ghostly tracing of demonic taint. The blade itself is straight and double edged with a lenticular cross-section. The dull dark-green hilt is capped with a pommel in the form of a demoness head with her mouth agape, caught in a moment of a lustful moan.
- Measurement: 45 inch blade, 10 inch grip, 12 inch guard
- Material: Steel tainted by a curse

Imbued Properties: The Harlot's Vigil has no extra imbued properties save its fine craftsmanship which affords it with greater effectiveness in cutting down enemies than most swords of its kind.

Other effects: The softest hint of a demented woman cackling can be heard in each swing and parry of the sword, emitting from the cursed weapon by a lustful harlot across the yawns of time. Blood staining the sword is almost immediately absorbed into the green veins, reinforcing its durability and sharpness with each cut.

Rarity: Artefact
Availability: 0/1

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Harlot's Vigil
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