'' When one is happy everyone will be happy, when one is outraged everyone will be outraged, and when one is sad everyone will be sad. ''
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 Sorrow - Nirvit Kris

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PostSubject: Sorrow - Nirvit Kris   Sorrow - Nirvit Kris EmptyFri Feb 24, 2012 2:06 am

Weapon Name: Sorrow

Weapon Type: Kris
Craftsman: Unknown Nirvit blacksmith

Origin Lore: "I shalt marry thee and honour mine Father's word for 'tis mine duty as a Nirvit and a proud daughter of our wise chieftain. E'en mine heart doth rend like blossoms before a tempest to be parted from the ones I love... I ask thee no more than a simple boon as a token of my Liege's affection. A humble Kris be all I ask of thee, its sturdy blade strengthened by tears that burn confessions. Grant me this, and mine hands shalt be bound to yours in marriage. For the Nirvits’ way shalt remain always true, and I shalt be thine bride." ~ an excerpt from The Dutiful Daughter, Chapter XIII of The Lost Chronicles of Nirvana

Level of Sentience: Sentient empathy, particularly attuned to its wielder's feeling of sadness.
- Temperament: the Sorrow's wavy blade becomes aglow in red if there were sorrow in its wielder's heart, its solid steel blade becoming fluid without losing neither its integrity nor shape.

Weapon Description: An asymmetrical dagger with distinctive wavy blade, the Sorrow has 13 waves on its blade that seemed to glow with an inner ember. It has a dragon head carved near its base with the body and tail following the curves of the blade to the tip. The wavy blade itself represents a dragon's tear; flowing aggressive, alive and angry. It has a curved pistol-grip hilt that aids in stabbing strikes which allows the palm of the holding hand to add pressure to the blade while stabbing.
- Measurement: 15 inch blade, 8 inch grip, 6 inch guard
- Material: Steel forged in a dragon's tears

Imbued Properties: Both a weapon and spiritual object, the Sorrow contains the essence of a dragon's indignant tears believed to be capable of burning through everything in existence, giving the kris its dual attributes of fire and water. The Sorrow can cut through solid objects such as rocks and metals. Even the finest blades and the sturdiest of armours and shields will fall before its wavy blade. When stabbed by the Sorrow in its molten form, the blade plunges into the body like hot magma, causing severe burns both internally as well as superficially, cauterising all areas of contact between blade and living tissues.

Other Effects: When its blade comes into contact with metal objects such as other blades and armours, it leaves molten slag in its wake as it melts the metal they were made from. Multiple contacts with the kris during parrying will cause the other weapon to slowly weaken as each point of contact gets melted away. Water does not dampen its fiery attribute for the blade does not produce actual heat.

Rarity: Artefact
Availability: 0/1
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Sorrow - Nirvit Kris
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